Our Philosophy

Aether is a modern company that creates beauty products with the goal of satisfying every person for a beautiful and healthy look. Inspired by nature, Aether produces products rich in beneficial ingredients and are completely free of parabens, synthetic dyes, mineral oil, ethyl alcohol and nanoparticles. Aether shampoos, masks and hair conditioners rejuvenate the hair after each shampoo or complete treatment, giving them a healthy shine with exciting scents.

Our symbol is the scarab

The symbol of Aether is the Scarab, one of the most popular amulets of Ancient Egypt. This sacred creature, the “sacred scarab,” entered very high society as a symbol of rebirth and eternal life. The Egyptians likened his spherical manure to the sun, the horns of the front of his body to the rays of the sun god, and his 30 rings to the 30 days of the month, thus giving him divine dimensions. The sun god Ra seemed to return to the sky every day, transforming bodies and souls. For this reason the scarab was considered a symbol of this celestial circle as well as our own company. This sacred beetle is found in ancient Egyptian painting, sculpture as well as in seals.

Our name is the aether

The aether was the fifth element, along with fire, air, water and earth, from which the world was made. While previous elements structured the human world, the ether believed that it structured the sky, the planets, the stars, and the rest of the world in general. Thus, he was given special qualities, since the world he was building was ideal and the abode of the gods. The name Aether therefore comes from the fifth element, as the upper layer of air and element of nature. Although it is an intangible element, it has been combined with the concept of heaven, thus referring to the celestial Egyptian god Ra. And just as the scarabs were ceremonial and placed in the tombs of the pharaohs and mummies at the heart of the heart, so we, all the people of Aether, with eternal and boundless love, relying on centuries-old recipes, in many years of laboratory research and creating specialized protocols for you enchanting series of personalized care products.


Our products are rich in active and natural ingredients as we use medicinal herbs, edible ingredients and plants from the Greek and global flora. Our ingredients are certified and have been notified to the European CPNP system. We import all perfumes for our products from the company Essence Ciel in France near the city of Cannes. Essence Ciel was founded in Grasse, the cradle of perfumery. Therefore, aromatic plants are at the heart of the company and its deep-rooted values. Jasmine, rose, tuberose, orange blossom, iris, mimosa, violet and other wonders of nature are undoubtedly advantages when creating authentic products.


At Aether we respect society and the environment and therefore do not conduct animal testing. We consider animal experiments inhumane, unreliable and dangerous. They degrade the complexity of human conditions affected by broad variables such as genetics, socioeconomic factors, deep-rooted psychological issues, and different personal experiences. As quality and respect for nature are focused on our brand, we make use of, among other natural and biologically certified ingredients, and use environmentally friendly packaging.