1. The Online Store uses a mechanism to cancel an order (in whole or in part) that has already been registered and has not yet been delivered. For any cancellation of an order (in whole or in part) you will need to send an email to This option is offered to you until we inform you about the shipment of your order. After this time it is not possible to cancel.

2. If the ordering process has been completed but you are not fully satisfied with your purchase for any of the reasons described in detail in paragraph 4 (b, c), you have the right to return the purchased products within fourteen (14) days. from their purchase, after consultation with the Company and always under the condition that the product will be unused, in its original condition and without signs of wear. The return of the products is done at the address of the Company Manager / Distributor without charge of the Consumer and it is necessary to present the retail receipt or the invoice. In fact, in case of issuance of an invoice, the return is made with a consignment note to the Company. If the product has been used or its original packaging has been altered, NO return will be accepted.

3. The return of the disputed products, if they are unused and in their original condition, can be done by packing and sending them (the products) with the cooperating courier company, after telephone contact with the Company Manager / Distributor free of charge. In both cases, the relevant retail receipt or invoice should be displayed and after the necessary audit has been carried out as to whether the conditions for return are met, the Company Manager / Distributor will proceed with the replacement or refund according to the stated will. of the Consumer. If the return conditions are not met, it will not be accepted and the products in question will be returned to the Consumer at his own expense.

4. The possible reasons for returning the product you ordered are as follows:

a. No receipt of the product due to absence of the recipient. The product either remains with the cooperating courier company or is returned to the Online Store. If the product remains with the cooperating courier company, the Consumer will reconnect with it to deliver it free of charge. If, however, the product has been returned to the Online Store and the Consumer wishes to set a new date for shipment and receipt of the product, he must notify the Online Store by email or telephone and after contacting him (the Online Store) with the Transport Company to set a new shipping date with the Consumer charge.

b. Unjustified refusal to receive the product.

c. Non-response of the product to its description or the existence of a real defect (eg used, with signs of wear, etc.).

If the defective product is covered by a warranty and the Consumer wishes, it may be replaced. Otherwise, the value is returned, as described below, without any further charge. The same applies in case of expiration of the product or an error in the order on behalf of the Company Manager / Distributor.

5. In case the Consumer decides to return his order for one of the reasons mentioned above (b, c), without wishing to replace it, his refund will be as follows: a) If the repayment of the product has is done through a credit card, the transaction is canceled and the beneficiary’s card is updated. The time required to credit the amount of the canceled order on that credit card depends solely on the Bank owner and in no case is the Company Manager / Distributor liable for any delays, b) In case anyone else has been selected method of payment (cash on delivery, deposit or transfer to a bank account of the Company Manager / Distributor or Jcc or pay pal), the refund is made to the bank account of the beneficiary of the order, within seven (7) working days from the return and receipt of the disputed products from the Company Manager / Distributor.

6. In any case, the desire of is for Consumers to remain happy throughout the use of the site.